United by an appreciation for the transient beauty of life, nature and the culinary arts, we work to capture the moment – blending together the spirit of the season, people and ideas. 


We encourage you to pause to take in these moments, and discover the ephemeral beauty of life through the cherry blossoms at our inspired events.

ICHI-GO ICHI-E : An Audio-Sensory Ritual of Time

One time. One meeting.


The frictions between life and death, permanence and ephemerality, nature and culture can be found within the simple ritual of Chadō, the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Chabana, Shodō, and Wagashi, three important elements of the Chado ceremony, symbolize the fleeting beauty of passing time.

Discover our newest film, which explores the peace found in a fleeting, unrepeatable moment. The natural seasonality of life.


The tradition of flower-viewing

“The blossoms were at their height,
and the spring haze made a lovely view
in all directions, inspiring them to
compose verse after verse
in Chinese and Japanese”


— The Tale of Genji,” Court lady Murasaki Shikibu, translated by Royall Tyler, Penguin Classics; Reprint edition, 2002 (11th century)


As spring awakens, delicate pink and white cherry blossoms begin to bloom. The flourishing of these blossoms is exquisite, yet ephemeral; a fleeting moment in time.

An Age-Old Tradition

Beginning as early as the Nara period (AD 710-794), hanami has been the longstanding Japanese tradition of viewing the cherry blossoms at their peak. Historically a celebration of the arts, these festivities brought together aristocrats, poets and musicians together under a blanket of petals, enjoying a seasonal feast.

Celebrating Spring

No longer limited to noblemen and women, the celebrations spread throughout the country. Friends and family come together to contemplate the awakening of spring and transient beauty of not only nature, but life itself.

A Festival Bringing People Together

A spot is picked under the flowering trees and a feast is had with cherry blossom-themed bentos, matcha desserts, flowing sake, and tea to wash everything down with.

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Discover a cherry blossom-infused pastry at the Bellagio Patisserie, MGM National Harbor.


Enjoy our lovely ode to spring with Cherry Blossom green tea at Conrad Washington DC Hotel.


Indulge in Cherry Blossom treats and beverages at Railtown Cafe.


Enjoy a Cherry Blossom #AfternoonTEALEAVES experience at H Tasting Lounge, with tea-infused cocktails and pairings.

The Impermanence Of Life & Nature

Mono no aware is the bittersweet recognition that nothing lasts forever. This wistful feeling serves as a guiding philosophy to savor the present, bringing awareness of the impermanence and transience of life.

A Reminder to Live in the Present

As the blossoms bloom and fade, they serve as a visual reminder to savor the beautiful, the ephemeral, and the sorrowful… To enjoy the few moments we are able to unite with loved ones, as just like the evanescent blossoms, we too will float away.

Cherry Blossom

Green Tea

AROMA: Mildly grassy and cherry.

PALATE: Notes of hay with a sweet cherry finish.

NOTES: High in antioxidants.

An homage to the hanami festivals of Japan and exquisite beauty of the blossoms, our Cherry Blossom Green showcases our artistry in blending through the harmonization of fresh, grassy Japanese Sencha with sweet, candied cherry.

One of Japan’s most popular natural leaf teas, Sencha Fukujyu is known for its refreshing sweet and grassy taste.


Get Inspired

Bring the Cherry Blossom #AfternoonTEALEAVES experience into your own home, with recipes from world-renowned mixologists.


Named after the famous Japanese gardens in UBC, this cocktail combines Japanese-inspired flavors like matcha and sake.


A floral and refreshing spring twist on the Tom Collins: Cherry Blossom Green, harmonized with gin, lime & cranberry.


Inspired by delicate cherry blossoms, the Sakura Sidecar blends sweet Cherry Blossom Green tea with smooth cognac. 


As delicate as spring’s cherry blossoms, this cotton candy floss is infused with Cherry Blossom Green tea for a sweet reminder of precious moments spent with loved ones.


A creation from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom festival using Long Table Gin and our Cherry Blossom Green tea.


A spring cocktail from Fairmont Pacific Rim featuring Cherry Blossom Green tea-infused Umeshu.


The Way of Tea

The confluence of tea and culture can be beautifully explored within Chado – the Japanese Way of Tea. Chanoyu exhibits the high art and technique of otemae (performance of Chado) and enshrines the influence of Zen Buddhism and tea appreciation.

















“Not a ritual, not a ceremony, this is a pure act of the heart.”

Keith Snyder

The Simple Act of Making Tea

A meaningful ritual can be found in the simple act of making tea. Mastering even everyday activities requires great discipline and practice, as Sen Rikyū, regarded as the founder of Chado, demonstrated.

An Act of Heart

Through this perfected form and discipline, one is able to enter a deeper understanding; one’s focus naturally flows to the present and singularity of each moment. The host focuses entirely on preparing and serving the perfect bowl of tea, while the guest focuses solely on receiving the tea with gratitude.

A Moment Between Host and Guest

An intimate experience that can never be replicated, the Chado ceremony is a once in a lifetime occasion to savor the moment between host and guest.


By Soshitsu Sen, Urasenke Grand Tea Master XV

Tea is nothing other than this:
heat the water, prepare the tea, and drink it with propriety.
That is all you need to know.
Make a delicious bowl of tea; arrange the charcoal to heat the water;
arrange the flowers the way they are in the fields;
in summer suggest coolness, in the winter warmth;
anticipate everything; be ready for rain;
show the greatest possible consideration toward your guests.


Our articles

The History Behind Chado

An expression of Zen belief – that even daily tasks can lead to enlightenment – preparing and drinking tea is both tradition and art. A practice going back 400 years, Chado’s rich history incorporates social etiquette, Asian artistic traditions and philosophy, and an attention to the seasons.



The Way of Tea is well described as the Art of Living, a mastery of daily life. The transformation of practice into art begins with a step-by-step process and meaningful ritual can be found in simple acts.


One of the most beautiful aspects of the world of tea is found within Chado. Having a revered place in our journey, we are guided by these principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.


Green Tea

AROMA: Grassy.

PALATEVegetal, nori-like, umami aftertaste.

NOTES: High in antioxidants.

Hand-picked in the most prestigious of Japanese estates, our matcha adheres to centuries of tradition. Shade-grown leaves are carefully plucked and ground in a stone mill until they reach a fine powder. Bright green in color, our matcha is delicately grassy and fully blooms upon the palate with distinct umami and nori-like notes.

Best prepared traditionally, with a bamboo whisk and chawan bowl, matcha delivers an abundance of health, energy and a serene ritual.

Make the perfect cup of matcha

The ritual of Chado begins step by step, a process learnt through repetition and practice. Discover this traditional way to make matcha and create a new routine to embrace life’s precious moments.


Blends to Celebrate Spring

Celebrate the stories and traditions behind Hanami with Cherry Blossom Green and Tencha Matcha High Energy.

Cherry Blossom Gift Box

A powdered green tea used in Japan’s formal tea ceremony, for everyday drinking pleasure and as a delicious ingredient in countless recipes.

Tencha Matcha High Energy

Green tea - Earthy and Vegetal

A tea to commemorate the historical Cherry Blossom Festival. Join us in celebrating this annual festival of nature’s beauty with a cup of tea!

Cherry Blossom Green

Green tea - Fresh and sweet


Sencha Fukujyu Cha

One of Japan’s most popular natural leaf teas, Sencha Fukujyu Cha is known for its refreshingly sweet and grassy taste.

Genmai Cha

Known as popcorn tea, genmaicha exemplifies an ancient method of flavoring tea.


Also known as Precious Dew, Gyokuro is grown on emerald green plains in the Uji region, and picked only once a year in May.


























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